​Throughout the realm of services provided, we always aim to be at the top of our game and when you reach out to us for tree trimming in Rowlett, TX you can count on an experienced and specialized result no matter the tree or brush. We continually look for the means to provide you with a beautiful finish, adding not only to the aesthetic of your property, but also the city of Rowlett as a whole. When you need quality, you can count on Rowlett Tree Service Company.

Professional Tree Trimming

We bring the city a wide variety of various tree branch cutting, tree trimming and canopy treatment in order to ensure that your trees not only look great but also have the means to stand up to their own growth. When looking to provide weight reduction or to remove dead and dying branches, you can count on your personal arborist to bring you a knowledgeable service. We provide you with specialty tree pruning needed for the best possible results in terms of both health and beauty when it comes to your personal trees.

Hedges & Shrubs

We not only deal with the trees on your property but also provide you with the quality, care and knowledge you need when it comes to your hedges and shrubs as well. No matter the area of treatment you have, you can count on Rowlett Tree Service Company for results through the best in brush clearing, trimming and brush removal. Whether you need to straighten up a hedge row, or to shape your shrubs in an aesthetically pleasing way, you can depend on the expertise that we provide to your property, giving you the beauty, you’re looking for and the health your plants need.

Tree Safety

Your property trees grow at will, they don’t have a sense of sentience when it comes to how they do so, and this can sometimes lead to their own detriment. Issues such as canopy weight, nutrient loss trying to feed dead branches and more can cause problems for your trees, and it comes to a certified arborist to provide you and your tree with their knowledgeable treatments. This can be anywhere from branch cutting to tree trimming, or even eventual tree removal if the problem is too far out of hand and we bring you the specialists you can trust for such calls.

Canopy Raising & Lowering

There is a variety of tree care services that we provide in order to bring you both aesthetic and practicality and when choosing our experts for your canopy treatment needs, you can depend on our professionals to bring results you can count on. Whether you need to open your view, or to ensure that your trees don’t come in close proximity to power lines, you can rely on the specialized tree pruning we provide to bring you results you can see. No matter your needs when it comes to brush and tree trimming, you can depend on Rowlett Tree Service Company.