Though many means of tree care are pretty well known, one that often catches our clients by surprise when offered is our deep root injection. This method of tree service brings you the means to get nutrients down into your root system uninterrupted, providing your trees with the much-needed boost, especially in temperate seasons where you tree can otherwise struggle. Through our dedication to bringing the best tree care service in Rowlett, TX, you can be sure that this helpful and affordable treatment is available.

Nutrient Injection

Deep root fertilization is brought to your tree through our professional equipment and an experienced arborist. Through the use of specialized ground-piercing injection rods we feed fertilizer directly to root points below ground to provide nutrients to the location they will be most helpful, as the roots absorb the mixture. Our tree service company is dedicated to providing you with the full list of services required for strong and healthy trees and our deep root fertilization options provide you with just that, whether for a single tree on your property, or if you’d like the entirety of your small forest treated.

Aerate Your Roots

An added benefit to choosing this service for your property trees is the inherent aeration the method of delivery provides. This treatment allows your trees roots to get the life-giving oxygen that can be in short supply underground. We look to bring you more than just the means to effective tree planting and tree removal in Rowlett, TX but also aim to deliver the wide variety of benefits your trees can rely on during their growth cycles over years spent on your property. No matter the goals you have in mind for your trees, you can count on us to deliver.

Invisible Finish

With the tree care method used for deep root fertilization, you can depend on a non-invasive finish that only leaves behind small, invisible holes in the turf, eventually to be seamlessly overgrown. When choosing Rowlett Tree Service as your tree care specialists, you can depend on services that keep the aesthetic of your property in mind while providing you with the means to care for your trees effectively. We have been bringing our brand of service to the city of Rowlett for years and know what it takes to provide the best possible results for your property.

Health Boost

Ultimately, the services that we bring to your property are designed to provide results your trees can count on. Searching for “tree companies near me” will net you many responses, but none so much as dedicated as the experts at Rowlett Tree Service Company. We truly enjoy providing a tree service company that the city can rely on, bringing you the extensive list of services needed to treat your property right. When looking for effective means to bring a boost of life and longevity to your property trees, you can count on the tried and tested services that Rowlett Tree Service Company brings.