​The tress on your property can be more than just living, breathing focal pieces. They can serve to the overall appearance of the picture that is your lawn and so much more. If you’ve been looking to either introduce new trees, care for the ones already present or to effectively remove trees for your needs, you can count on the tree care specialists at Rowlett Tree Service Company to present you with a specialized arborist ready to bring you the benefit of their long-standing expertise.

Tree Planting

When looking to add trees to your property, there’s more thought that need to go into the process than just making the choice and placing saplings in the ground. Knowing whether or not that specific species is native to the area, whether the soil is favorable and how it will eventually look after years of growth are all things that need to be considered. When these questions arise with your tree planting goals, you can depend on the qualified arborist with Rowlett Tree Service Company to provide you with the knowledge of both the trees and Rowlett itself to provide you with knowledgeable answers.

Tree Care

Of course, one of the most required services to ensure that your trees have the capability to withstand many years or even generations of growth on your property is the right tree care. When choosing Rowlett Tree Service Company for your tree trimming, tree branch cutting, root removal or tree pruning services, you can depend on getting a service that is steeped in years of experience providing Rowlett, TX the best in tree care. We are dedicated to bringing you the reliability that comes with experience and when it comes to something as important as your property trees, you can afford no less.

Tree Removal Service

The use of a qualified arborist when it comes to your tree removal needs can be just as important as any other service in your landscaping endeavors. Whether you need professionals to assist you in making the decisions on what trees need to go, root removal, experienced stump removal and stump grinding, we bring you the litany of services needed to ensure that your property looks beautiful and provides the functionality you’re looking for. Whether it’s to begin life, prolong it, or to make room for new additions, you can count on Rowlett Tree Service to bring you results.

Landscaping Additions

From brush clearing to hedge trimming and more, there’s a lot of areas that our professional arborists encompass. It’s our goal to ensure that when it comes to your outdoor appearance and the overall health and design of your property, that you have access to the best tree service in Rowlett, TX. No matter the goals you have in mind with your property, you can depend on our experts to provide you with a foundation in experience and a genuine drive to add to the beauty of your property, and that of Rowlett as a whole through our services.