Rowlett Tree Service Company

​Rowlett Tree Service Company is your source for quality tree service in the city, providing you with the means to either introduce, treat or remove trees on your property depending on your need. When you find yourself requiring the best in tree care in the city, you have the access you’re looking for with a phone call to your local area professionals. We are ready and waiting to bring you the results you need.

About Us

We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best in brush and tree removal, stump removal and tree service in Rowlett, TX. Whatever the objective in mind when it comes to your property trees, you can depend on the expertise that our professionals bring to your project.

From the first point in tree planting to the brush clearing you require, you can expect nothing but the best from your local tree service professionals. If you need quality tree services you can count on, then it’s time to make the call to the experts at Rowlett Tree Service.



​Each of the services that we provide to the city are aimed at providing the best in tree removal service, tree branch cutting, brush removal and the best stump grinder in Rowlett, TX. No matter the stage of your trees, or the desire you have with the property they current inhabit, you can depend on our experts to provide you with the widest variety of tree service methods in order to bring you results you need. From the moment you call in our experts, we are hard at work providing you with the best in the business.
In the realm of tree care services, tree trimming, and brush clearing are some of the most popular in the city. These measures of ensuring that your tree is growing safely and healthily are easy to obtain, affordable and fast in the hands of our experienced professionals. Whether you need a tree branch cutter or brush removal services, you can count on the pros at Rowlett Tree Service to provide you with results you can depend on.
There are many possible reasons behind choosing to have a tree removal carried out on your property, and when looking for the best in tree cutting in Rowlett, TX making the choice to call Rowlett Tree Service Company will bring you the best results. We have been providing a thorough and quality service to the city for many years and know how to provide you with the results you’re looking for to open your space.
Whether in a residential or commercial tree service, having the means to properly support your trees is important. If you need sapling support after tree planting or need to brace a larger tree against overgrowth no matter how much tree trimming you get, then choosing this option can provide you with the necessary results to keep your tree growing in a safe manner and keeping your Rowlett property looking beautiful at all times.


Another option when it comes to your tree care service is deep root fertilization. This means of nutrient delivery provides your tree with the necessary food and aeration needed in order to grow strong and healthy and the means in which we deliver this option will ensure that there are no marks left behind after service. When you need tree service in Rowlett, TX you can depend on, make the choice to our professionals for the best.
Throughout the variety of damages that can be sustained during a storm, knowing that you have experts available to bring you results you can count on no matter the area of focus is important. When choosing Rowlett Tree Service Company as your tree service company, you can depend on a local, residential tree service that knows how to bring results. From a root remover offering to full tree removal and more, you have your options laid out.
Our professional arborist can bring you a wide variety of services. Whether to bring advice in tree pruning, hedge trimmer or brush removal service, or to provide you with the knowledge needed to effectively carry out land clearing or a tree stump grinding. The level of knowledge and experience that these professionals bring to your needs will always result in your getting the best possible finished aesthetic you’re looking for on your Rowlett property.


​Choosing to make the call to the best in tree trimming in Rowlett, TX will provide you with a wide list of capabilities when it comes to your property needs. From tree stump grinding to tree removal services, you can depend on Rowlett Tree Service Company to bring the experienced touch you need regardless of your goals. We provide you with everything from consultations to planting and beyond in order to beautify your property and by proxy the city of Rowlett in general and when you make the call to our expert, you can depend on a knowledgeable professional to be available to answer.

“Rowlett Tree Service Company is the best of the tree companies near me. I have tried other offerings but the results these guys bring keep me coming back. I have used them for a number of services from stump grinding to tree pruning and I will always return.”
– Paul F.

“I was looking for tree services near me in order to have a tree removed from my property and came across Rowlett Tree Service Company. After a brief phone call, they had an arborist visit the property, formulate a plan and before I knew it, the lot was clear.”
​- James R.

“I have always appreciated that Rowlett Tree Service Company provides tree trimming near me. They are always available and when I call in to have services carried out, the response time is swift and effective. As long as I have my trees, they will be my arborist of choice.”
​– Natalie V.